For many people, contracting a private jet can be a daunting task. There is a lot of money at stake and it is very important that it is done right. A good broker can save an inexperienced buyer, time, money, and headaches.

Fractional Jets
Fractional jets can be an excellent way to obtain the benefits of a private jet for only a fraction of the cost. With this option, you pay for a "fraction" of the total costs of owning the jets and get a certain number of hours of use each year.
Cost Drivers
There are several different costs that you should consider when purchasing a private jet or an ownership share in a fractional jet. The main costs that are incurred with jets are 1) cost of ownership, 2) the cost of the flight crew, 3) the cost of storage and maintenance, and 4) the cost of fuel for trips. Depending on what you are purchasing, the cost can be quite large. You can lower the cost of fuel by not using the jet as much, but the other costs are part of ownership.
Charter jets provide a great deal of flexibility for busy people. They save time since there is no need to wait in airport lines, no ticket or baggage hassle, and they leave when you want to leave. They also can go to many more locations than major airlines.
The FAA needs to certify the planes for most chart jet companies. Before flying or contracting with the company, you should check to see the certification. Insurance is also important along with a quality flight crew and a company with a good reputation.