Charter Jet Travel Buying

Today, we see many new opportunities for people interested in buying travel time on a chartered jet. There are fewer lines, fewer people, more destination choices, and high safety, all reasons why hiring a chartered jet makes so much sense. With this, the entire aircraft would be rented rather than just one, small seat on a commercial flight. Considering much more convenience, flexibility, affordability, and efficiency, using a chartered jet makes perfect sense.

Charter Broker

Many travelers will use a charter broker, which is a professional that works on your behalf to secure the best pricing, while also helping you plan your trip, organize logistics, and assist to make your trip a complete success. A reputable broker will have solid experience, being able to verify any violations associated with a charter jet company, as well as work history and maintenance of the crew and aircraft. Additionally, your charter broker would be responsible for insurance issues, finding the best deals for you.

More Destinations

Interestingly, when you book a flight on a commercial airline, you would be flying into one of 500 airports in the United States. However, with a chartered jet, you would have a choice of more than 5,000 destinations or airports, which means far more flexibility for you. As you can imagine, this makes travel for business and pleasure trips much more convenient. Remember, just because you are taking a smaller plane does not mean you sacrifice on safety, an important concern for travelers.

Carrier Choice

Now, when trying to choose the aircraft carrier, you have a number of considerations. First, the charter company should be excited to serve you, going beyond the norm to answer questions or assist. Of course, you want to check the credentials of any charter jet company, asking for proof of FAA certificates, as well as the company's safety record and insurance coverage/policies. You should never be afraid to ask for references from previous passengers as well. Then, take time before making your final decision to call them, asking about schedule, professionalism, cost, and so on.

Aircraft Types

As far as the exact type of aircraft you would be flying, you will find that there are many options. Obviously, the aircraft should meet your specific needs. Some of the things you want to think about include the number of passengers that will be on the flight, the destination, amount, and nature of any baggage, and even personal preference of aircraft. As you can imagine, the number of people and amount or weight of the baggage are important considerations, which will determine the size of the plane used.

The Learjet was first introduced in the 1960s, which began the jet charter services that have become so popular today. Then in the latter part of the 1990s, we begin to see significant changes. For instance, this year, there will be a new type of charter jet known as a "very light jet" which has the interior size of a regular family SUV. This particular type of jet is designed to hold up to six passengers and is very affordable. Some of the top manufacturers for this new launch include Eclipse Aviation, Adam Aircraft Industries, Honda Aviation, Cessna, and Safire Aircraft.