Fractional Charter Jets

Fractional charter jets are the new trend in air travel and for good reason. This particular industry was first founded in 1986, as a means of offering people an alternative to commercial airline travel. Today, you have a choice of 14 plus aircraft types, as well as many top manufacturers. In fact, experts agree that the safety and reliability of charter jets is unmatched. For instance, just one such company has a fleet or more than 600 planes. For you as the travelers, you can have a plane ready to take you to your destination on as short as a four-hour notice.


The difference from regular chartered jets and fractional jets is that you actually buy a fraction of the plane. With this type of ownership program, the company owners are able to meet demand far more effectively. Because of fractional charter options, the history of aviation is far more advanced than ever expected. One of the top reasons this type of program is so popular is due to all the different programs.


Being a shared owner of a plane cuts the cost in some cases by as much as 50% from that of commercial flight. Of course, you would have to be a busy traveler but whether flying for business or pleasure this option is exceptional. Remember, fractional ownership of a chartered jet eliminates annoying complications, making travel more functional. In addition, the flexibility offered by fractional chartered jets is a huge advantage although it takes between five and ten years to fully, recoup costs. Again, for the right traveler, this is a great solution.

Some of the other top benefits associated with fractional chartered jets include a huge deduction on taxi time. Since the plane's taxi time is paid, any time on the runway waiting is not deducted from your purchased share hours. That means your time in the air is more. In addition, you can choose distance-based prices, which means any hourly rates are actually based on the distance flown, again, more time in the air. Then, there is the transparent fuel cost. With fuel being so expensive today, you would pay only a base price plus a set surcharge, which is calculated out at a five or ten-year fixed usage cost.


You would also enjoy the flexibility of fractional chartered jets. For this, as a shared owner, you would be allowed to use between 80% and 120% of the shared hours each year. Of course, the management fees would only be based on the total hours used, not the hours purchased. Therefore, you would have a nice cost savings there as well. In addition, the fractional chartered jet option provides extended service areas. As a shared owner, you would pay only the cost of the fuel to reposition the leg of the flight going outside the primary area.

As you can see, choosing a fractional chartered jet is an excellent solution for people who spend time in the air. You would eliminate long lines at the airport. In fact, the majority of top companies will even handle your hotel accommodations, limo service, taxi service, or rental car service. While you will have many choices, we recommend you look into the following companies, which are rated among the top.

NetJets: This fractional chartered jet company is unrivaled for service and safety. Considered an exceptional value, you will appreciate all the professionalism provided.

CitationShares: Another great choice for fractional jet operators, the fleet is high quality and the services outstanding.

FlightOptions: Ranked among the four best, chartered jet companies, you would have a choice a multiple planes, each meeting top safety standards.

FlexJet: This Company is also one of the top four, providing stunning services that go beyond your expectations.