Fractional Jet Cost

For people who do a lot of traveling, whether personal or business, fractional chartered jets has become a top solution. With this option, you actually buy into the aircraft with other people, owning a share over a specific period. The benefits are tremendous to include overall better pricing, less hassle, streamlined travel, and reduced time waiting in line. By having a share of fractional jets, you have access to a large fleet, as well as the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade when available.


One of the disadvantages of standard commercial flights is that you never know who is flying the plane or servicing it. However, with fractional chartered jets, you know who is maintaining the fleet of aircraft, as well as training the pilots. The result is you having far more peace of mind, along with more efficient travel. Although different companies offer different packages and programs, the majority would guarantee service between four and eight hours of notice.

Another huge benefit to fractional chartered jets is that the fleet is maintained to the highest of standards. Therefore, you have exceptional residual value, which equates to lower cost overall. The amenities are also exceptional, featuring a private lavatory, data ports, 110-volt AC outlets, telephone, snacks and drinks, and cabin flight information. In fact, you can order full catering if you wish in most instances.


As far as the price of the programs, these typically include initial capital cost, as well as a one-time, all-inclusive fee for management and operating expenses. You would not be required to pay anything for fuel surcharges, or other hidden fees. While some people will pay the cost upfront, most of the companies with this type of service can arrange for monthly installments. However, paying the total amount all at once usually means a nice discounted rate.

The standard program for fractional chartered jets is that you would own one/sixteenth share. Keep in mind that the premiums vary from one company to another. For flight time, this is usually calculated by the actual time in the air, in addition to six minutes allotted for takeoff and then another six minutes for landing. The benefit here is that if the aircraft were to sit longer on the runway waiting for clearance, you would only be charged the six minutes.

Payment Options

Again, the form of payment would depend on the company but most companies that deal with fractional chartered jets will accept check, although it would need to clear, cash, or credit card. Therefore, make sure you work with a company that offers the flight path you need, one that has multiple aircraft, upgrade, and downgrade options, and excellent service. The money spent is a great investment, which is why fractional flying has become so popular.