Private Jet Fuel Charges

When buying a jet, you will have a wide range of considerations, one of these being fuel charges. In addition to the cost of the jet, insurance, and so on, you also need to think about the cost of fuel, something that many people overlook. Unfortunately, some companies are notorious for over-charging fuel, which is a real concern. In this article, we wanted to address some of the things you need to think about when buying or even renting a jet.

Jet Speed Matters

For starters, a good rule is that the faster a plane flies the more fuel will be consumed. Therefore, while you might like the fast speed and amenities of a luxury jet, you need to weigh the features versus the cost of the flight. Obviously, a light jet traveling at 450 miles per hour versus a luxury jet flying at 590 miles per hour would equate to a substantial difference in the cost of fuel.

Watch Hourly Fuel Surcharges

Keep in mind that the jet's fuel surcharges are based on flight hours. Therefore, while a slower flying plane would consume less fuel than a large jet, you might actually pay out more in surcharges, even though less fuel is being consumed. For this reason, you need to look at the fuel charges themselves, as well as the surcharges being added to your bill.

Pilot and Pilot Style

Another consideration is the pilot being hired. The bottom line is that if the pilot were to throttle the plane full speed, even if he could let up a bit, you will pay more. Therefore, you need to work with a reputable pilot, one who is money conscious. Of course, other factors associated with fuel costs would include the distance of the trip, number of passengers, quantity of cargo or luggage, weather, and so on. In this case, you would have to trust the pilot.

Contract Review

Most importantly, when buying or renting a jet, you need to look very carefully at the contract before signing. Again, while most companies are honest and looking out for your best interest, you will find some that are sneaky. Because of this, you need to understand every aspect of the contract and ask tons of questions. You can also check the charter company's records to determine if there have been any unresolved complaints for overcharging.

Alternative Measures

Obviously, you want a safe and comfortable flight but you also do not want to pay out more for fuel than need be. To ensure you are getting the best deal, especially with a fractional ownership whereby more than one person or company shares ownership of the plane, you should have a consultant or even lawyer who you can run numbers by when needed. This way, you know you are paying fair fuel charges and the company understands that you are taking appropriate steps to ensure their honesty.