Charter Jet Industry

For a long time, people had two primary options for flying to commercial and private jets. In recent years, private charter jets have become big business, offering better flights, fractional programs of share ownership, less hassle and line time, and more. As with most things, advancements occur, this happened specifically in the private charter jet industry too. In this first article about changes, we will discuss some of those changes, followed by more information in the second part article.

Very Light Jets

One of the greatest changes seen has to do with Linear Air considering the launch of very light jets for point-to-point travel. Marketed as air taxis, it is expected to see a number of companies getting ready to introduce such airplanes. In fact, the new light jets are becoming such big business that the debut year is expected to be this year - 2006. Interestingly, consumer demand is on the rise for these chartered jets, which are quite intriguing.


The change we see with chartered jets is a new, four to six-passenger aircraft. Although expensive for some, to other people who can afford private flights, the starting $1.4 million price tag is actually affordable. When compared to the standard private jet, that is about 50% reduction in price. In fact, if you look at it from a nautical mile perspective, the new chartered jet cost just $1 each to operate.

Other changes we see in the world of chartered jets are that these new "very light jets" only weight as much as a normal SUV, and instead of two large jet engines, the planes are powered by two engines so small they would fit into the trunk of a standard sized car. Because of the incredible changes and forecasted opportunities, manufacturers of these new "very light jets" believes it will be difficult to keep up with demand.


If you look at businesses in the United States that offer air travel, the numbers have increased by almost 50% in the past 10 years. As mentioned earlier, fractional charter jets are also big business today. With this, people purchase a share of the aircraft for a specified timeframe. This area of the industry has risen by more than 60% and still climbing. Now with the new lightweight jets coming out, it is expected that the world of transportation will never be the same!

Today, a new type of four to six-passenger aircraft is being introduced. Costing about 50% less than a standard jet and with tremendous power in a small package, this "very light jet" has changed the industry forever. In fact, this type of aircraft is showing such great promise that it is expected to explode, making it difficult for manufacturers to keep up with demand.

Aircraft on Demand

The concept behind this new type of air taxi is to use new aircrafts on demand. In other words, people would be able to purchase a seat for travel to airports often considered out of the way for traditional chartered jet companies. The result for the traveler is better access, fewer annoying lines, and far more comfort. Instead of sitting in cramped, smelly quarters, passengers will share a smaller space with other travelers, enjoying a smooth and safe flight.

FAA Approval

The only kicker at this time is the pending final approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is expected anytime. The anticipation is that these new "very light jets" will be in full swing this year, 2006. Without doubt, air travel is now seen as a changing paradigm, providing travelers around the world an opportunity to travel cheaper and in greater style without giving up safety or professionalism.

Keep in mind that these new jets cost around $1.4 million, which is almost 50% less than the standard jet. Although nothing to sneeze at, the price tag does make the air taxi a more affordable option, especially when it comes to private travel. For some people, the investment still seems too high but for others, it is a bargain. Just imagine being able to run your own air tax business, shuttling people from one destination to another while saving them money, and recouping your costs.

Overcome the Crowd

One of the major complaints heard today in the world of air travel is the long lines. Most people agree that the process of buying tickets, checking luggage, and boarding the plane only to wait is annoying. With the new very lights jets, all of this hassle is eliminated. Even more interesting is that most people are still unaware that this is coming. The responses heard are tremendous, as frequent travelers now understand the benefits of hiring a private jet but being able to pay less than with a commercial flight.

The bottom line is that with these air taxis, the possibilities associated with flying are much greater. Instead of dealing with overcrowded airline terminals and grumpy workers, you are treated with the highest respect while getting to your out-of-the-way destination. The anticipation is to expand the air tax industry, which means gaining access to more and more communities.