Mid Size Jets

The market for jets has grown significantly over the years, which has resulted in jets of all sizes being made. Although some people still stick with the lighter jets, we now see the number of individuals and corporations going with mid-size jets on the rise. As you can imagine, a mid size jet means more space and amenities although you are also paying a higher price.

Mid Size Purpose

The choice of going with a mid-size jet depends largely on need. For instance, people traveling on business trips, long distance, may find a lighter jet too constricting or simply not designed for the distance. Then, you have the large, luxury jets, which are really, nice but they may be overkill. However, if you go in the middle, you end up with the mid-size jet that still offers comfort while getting you to and from your destination on time and safely.

Although you will find variances, a mid-size jet typically accommodates seven to eight passengers. These jets are designed to fly from coast-to-coast without refueling. Performance is quiet and smooth while the interior of the cabin is roomy. For these jets, you will find four primary manufacturers, each with distinct features. Therefore, if you are interested in buying or hiring a private jet, you should begin your search by looking at Cessna, Bombardier, Raytheon, and Gulfstream.


Most people have heard of Cessna, a company that offers some of the best private jets. For instance, for longer ranges of travel, the Citation VI and VIII are great choices. With these mid-size jets, you would enjoy a large cabin, lots of baggage storage, and fast speed, making this a perfect choice for people who travel on a regular basis over long distances.


Raytheon is another excellent choice for mid-size jets. In this case, we recommend you look at the Hawker 700, which is a small step down from the 800 series. With this jet, you have excellent climb and cruise performance and plenty of room. Of course, if you want more space, faster speed, longer distance, and more comfort, then the Hawker 800 or Hawker 1000 are additional options.


Without doubt, the Learjet 60XR is an exceptional choice and rated above the Learjet 55. In addition to longer range, the XR also provides additional cabin space, making travel more comfortable. Another great mid-size jet from Bombardier is the Challenger 300, which is ideal for long distance travel.


Two of the more popular mid-size jets from Gulfstream include the G150 and G200. These jets are economical without skimping on attributes. Performance is high, along with comfort and safety.