Charter Jet Overview

When you hear a reference to renting an aircraft rather than purchasing one or two seats on a commercial flight, you are looking at an Air Charter. The difference is that a normal commercial airline takes people around the globe on a seat-by-seat basis. However, when you charter a flight, you are renting the aircraft for a group. For instance, you will find executives of a large corporation chartering a jet to get to an important meeting or perhaps a group of friends charter a jet for a weeklong ski trip.


Typically, chartering a jet means working with a private aviation company, one that specializes in this very type of travel. Also known as an air taxi, this type of plane falls under Federal Aviation Regulations while large commercial flights are governed by far more strict guidelines and standards. Today, estimates are that 70% of all private air charter is associated with people traveling in America. Although other countries use private chartering too, the use is much less than that of the United States.

You can find that chartering a jet or airplane goes all the way to the beginning of air travel. However, with more and more corporations being formed and business being conducted around the world, the need for travel has changed dramatically. In addition, we see many large and small airlines that have gone out of business, which means someone has to take over the planes. Because of this, chartering is on the rise.

Other Purposes

In addition to travel for business and fun, jet charters are also common for a number of other purposes. For instance, you will find mission flights, which might include an organ donor or even a dog rescue organization. In addition, many sports teams will use private chartered planes to get to and from games. Even some of Hollywood's finest actors, not counting the ones that own a jet such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, will use private jets to travel. This way, they avoid the paparazzi and hassle of using commercial flights.


The development of the Learjet made a huge change in private jet charter. First created in the 1960s, this small jet became quite popular. With private travel continuing to rise, new business owners, and entrepreneurs realized they had a source of income by investing in a jet and then hiring a professional crew to help clients get where they need to go. However, as problems began cropping up between management companies and the airplane owners, the FAA stepped up to begin regulating.

Interestingly, a number of companies have joined the bandwagon when it comes to jet chartering. For instance, one of the favorites is a company called Eclipse Aviation. However, Honda, Embraer, and Cessna are also top contenders. Chartering jets is a promising industry although we do see new issues now arising specific to congestion delays and security issues, which are being addressed.