Private Jet Benefits

The reason the world of charter jets is on the rise is due to the wonderful benefits attached. Today, we see more and more people tired of traditional, commercial flight. Trying to avoid long security lines, delayed flights, and disgruntled travelers, people are turning to the services of a charted jet company. In this article, we wanted to provide information as to some of the benefits you would enjoy.


Of all benefits, the flexibility offered with a chartered jet is a tremendous value. Generally, large commercial flights go into large airports, meaning people heading for smaller destinations often have to rent a car and drive several hours. With chartered jets, most will fly into small airports, thus broadening airports from 500 to 5,000.


With General Aviation terminals, small planes are handled much differently than large, commercial jets. For instance, when you take a chartered plane into an airport, you have a comfortable lounge where you can relax with a cup of coffee, pastries, newspapers, and so on. In addition, most terminals that cater to small planes offer private meeting rooms, internet access, and a professional staff to assist with any needs.


When flying on a large, commercial flight, you go when they tell you to go. In other words, commercial flights have no schedule flexibility so you have to work around their schedule. With a chartered flight, you choose when you want to fly. Typically, all you need is to provide the private charter company a 4 to 48 hour notice and you are on your way.


Again, when you arrive at the airport via a chartered plane, you do not go through the same processes as required by a commercial flight. This means you are not hung up with security checkpoints, you do not have to take trams to reach another terminal, etc. Instead, your convenience is at the forefront so everything from arrival to baggage is handled for you.

Time Savings

As you can imagine, the convenience of a chartered flight is much greater than other flights. Rather than spending time refueling, taking passengers back through security, loading on luggage, and so on, the plane is refueled and you are on your way.

Business Entertainment

For business executives, you will love the special amenities offered with a chartered flight. For instance, you and your clients will be seated in comfortable seats, have a private restroom, data ports, television, phones, and in some cases, a private staff to attend to your every need.

Cargo Handling

Finally, if you need to move some type of fragile or precious cargo from one destination to the next, a special compartment is provided on a chartered plane to ensure total security. This means people attending tradeshows, or travel with delicate equipment is handled with the utmost care.