Fractional Jet Benefits

Are you tired of waiting in long lines at the airport, followed by time spent trying to hail a cab or find a rental car? Do you spend a lot of time in the sky but dread commercial flights that are overcrowded? If so, then perhaps a fractional chartered jet is the perfect solution for you. People have come to realize the tremendous benefits of fractional travel, which means you purchase shared travel time with other people, thus becoming a one/sixteenth owner of the plane. As you will discover, fractional jets are loaded with all types of benefits.

Upgrade and Downgrade Guarantee

For this, you would be provided with a yearly guarantee for upgrades or downgrades to meet your travel needs better.

Multiple Use of Aircraft

For this, you would be able to use more than one aircraft on the same day. In fact, many fractional chartered jet companies will use up to five different aircraft, especially for those owners with a higher level of ownership. Keep in mind that this type of perk is not offered by all companies.

Custom Designed Flying

You could buy or sell hours from a special pool to meet your travel needs more efficiently. Additionally, many companies offer a feature in which you would benefit from short and multiple use leg waivers.

Top Service

Because you are part owner, the professional staff is available to answer questions or assist in any way possible while making sure that every flight you take is customized to your specific needs.

Share Size and Options

Typically, fractional chartered jets have a number of different options for share size, which go from 50, 75, 100, 125, to 150 hours, depending on what you need.


Additionally, most chartered jet companies have several contract term options, which usually begin at two years and go to seven years.

Advanced Fleet

You will also find that the aircraft used by fractional chartered jet companies are the newest and best available, at least with the top companies.

Professional Staff

The staff, to include ground crews to pilots are highly trained and professional, meeting all requirements of the FAA.

The bottom line is that fractional chartered jet companies do not compromise on anything. These companies take the job seriously, providing a much in demand service to many people around the world. The result is reaching your intended destination with less hassle while flying in a safe and comfortable aircraft.