Private Jet Safety

Unfortunately, we have all heard horror stories about small plane crashes, which do occur. However, the majority of those are pilot error and in self-owned planes, which is different from hiring a private jet. Today, if you need to get from one point to another, you have two standard forms of flying. First, you could go the commercial route, which means long lines, crowded seats, and peanuts. Second, you could choose to charter a private jet, meaning reduced lines, comfortable seating, and often, special food.

FAA Regulation

To put your mind at ease specific to private jet safety, we wanted to address some of the common concerns. Just remember that even private jet companies are required by the FAA to meet strict standards. That means that they must fly under strict safety regulations. However, some private jet airlines have found a loophole so when talking to various companies, always ask to see their copy of FAA's air taxi certification. Additionally, you should find out what regulations their planes fly by.


Insurance is another important aspect of private jet travel. Most insurance limits are about $25mm for a smaller aircraft, $50mm for a medium-sized aircraft, and then for the larger jets, around $100mm. You should ask for and be presented with proof of proper coverage along with the name of the company providing the insurance. Then, you also want to check on third-party verification. In this case, you would know specific information about the pilot and any third-party company involved.

Pilot and Crew

Of course, private jet safety depends largely on the experience of the pilot and crew. Therefore, you want to make sure the pilot of the aircraft has a minimum of 3,000 total flying time and 300 hours specific to each aircraft. The company should always maintain the highest standards. Typically, the top private jet companies have pilots with up to 9,000 total flying time. For operational control, you want to make sure that you book a pilot within the known group, not someone from an independent company, which happens.

Reputable Company

A highly reputable company would gladly provide you with the pilot and crew's names, any third-party safety ratings, and pilot's experience before you hire the crew. Finally, safety also requires top aircraft performance. Obviously, a poorly maintained plane could pose serious safety risks. For this reason, you want a private jet company that maintains the fleet according to the type of aircraft and operating procedures. By understanding all of these things, you would enjoy a comfortable and safe trip to your destination.